What makes a family run vineyard so special?

Family-run vineyards are often considered special for several reasons:

  1. Tradition and Legacy: Family-run vineyards have a rich history and heritage. Wine making and management style are often passed down from one generation to another, creating a sense of continuity and adding depth and character to the wines produced.
  2. Personal Attention and Care: Family members are typically involved in every step of the production, from planting and pruning to harvesting and bottling. This level of personal involvement allows for meticulous attention to detail and passion throughout the entire process. 
  3. Intimate Knowledge of the Land: Family members understand the microclimates within their vineyards and know which grape varieties thrive best in specific areas. This deep understanding allows them to make informed decisions about vineyard management and create wines that express the true terroir of the region.
  4. Commitment to Quality: Family-run vineyards often prioritise quality over quantity.  Without the pressures of shareholders or investors demanding high volumes, they can focus on producing limited quantities of exceptional wines. This commitment to quality can be seen in the careful selection of grapes, meticulous winemaking techniques, and flavour profiles displayed in your glass.
  5. Sense of Identity and Authenticity: Family-run vineyards often have a distinct identity and a unique story to tell. They are deeply rooted in the local community and reflect the culture and traditions of the region. Their wines carry a sense of authenticity, reflecting the family's values, heritage, and dedication to winemaking.
  6. Personal Relationships and Hospitality: Family-run vineyards foster personal relationships with their customers. This personal touch enhances the overall wine-tasting experience and creates a lasting relationship.  Many of our customers enjoyed meeting our vineyard owners and wine makers during our virtual tasting sessions.

Family-run vineyards offer a blend of tradition, attention to detail, and a deep connection to the land, resulting in wines that are enjoyed for their quality, character, and the story behind them.