About Us

Our Founder

Emma is well-experienced in the hospitality industry having previously worked for Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts when she first moved to Singapore in 2001, and prior to that worked with Marriott, The Ritz, and Hilton International. 

Back in 2008 after the arrival of her second daughter Emma found herself craving a different challenge. She switched industries and joined a wine distribution company. Although new to this area, she picked up a lot speaking with vineyard owners whom she’d take round Singapore showing their wines to potential companies. Emma absolutely loved the role and immediately changed her wine drinking habits!! After years drinking the same wines from well-known brands she quickly developed a love for family producers and noticed how much better she felt after drinking wines that were not mass produced. 

 Emma began a journey of constantly searching and exploring wines from various regions and always encourages customers to try different wines. What Emma loves about wine is the never ending journey, as no matter how much wine you’ve drunk, you’ll always find new varieties and expressions to try. 

 Eventually, after becoming a CSW, Certified Specialist in Wine, Emma decided to take a leap of faith and start Through The Grapevine (TTG), armed with the wine knowledge, personal relationships with vineyard owners, and a love of small producers Through The Grapevine was born , to help customers explore new wines and enjoy quality wines that support sustainable, organic, family-run businesses.   Enjoy!