San Martino Brut Prosecco DOC


Brut Prosecco. At San Martino, a passion for the land and a deep respect for nature and the seasons have been intertwined for generations. This dedication to cultivating vineyards and nurturing grapes ensures that good wine starts with good grapes. The Sam Martino  hallmark is the meticulous care and attention devoted to the techniques of sparkling wine production, bringing out the finest qualities of the grapes they harvest.

🌎 Wine Region: Treviso, Italy

🍇 Grape: Glera

🍷Tasting Notes: San Martino Brut Prosecco is a bone-dry, pale straw-colored sparkling wine that offers a crisp and refreshing experience with balanced acidity and a dry finish. It features persistent bubbles and delicate floral aromas, complemented by hints of green apple, pear, and citrus.

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