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Value Mixed Case

$156 $180
A fantastic introduction to Through The Grapevine, this selection showcases some of the most popular wines from the sustainable vineyards we work with.

Be it a steak night, bbq, dinner with friends or night in with Netflix you’ll find a suitable and delicious bottle in here.  At just $25 - $26.50 per bottle what’s not to like about it? 

  • Colle Corviano Sangiovese worth $35
  • Mount Brown Pinot Gris  worth $35
  • Colle Corviano Pinot Grigio  worth $35
  • iLauri Bajo Montepulciano  worth $38
  • Domaine Du Dragon Le Petit Dragon  worth $38
  • iLauri Extra Dry Prosecco  worth $35

Total case value at $213, enjoy a bundled price of $154 when you purchase this mixed case, and enjoy an additional 5 - 15% off when you join our monthly subscription to have 6 of your favorite bottles scheduled and delivered to your doorstep!  

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